Jeff Bethke


I am in the middle of a 30-day student devotion book “Reach Out Don’t Freak Out.”  This book is all about reaching out to friends and sharing your faith.  I am four days in and it has covered alot.  Like I said, it focuses on spreading the Word and specifically targets high school students/teenagers.  I like this book because it breaks down each devo into four sections:  The Big Idea, Listen In, Going Deeper and Do Something.  Here is a link to the website of the publisher:

My devotion last night was about “Seizing The Moment”.  It focused on taking advantage of opportunities that are presented to share your faith.  A story was told about a guy who was in a biology class and a girl was playing with a bracelet he was wearing and that lead to him sharing his faith and a long conversation about Jesus Christ.  This made me think of a situation I was in earlier that day.  I wear a dogtag necklace that says “YAHWEH” in the traditional Hebrew language.  I was in my 3rd period drama class and a girl was messing with my necklace.  While I was reading this story I was dumbfounded that the exact same thing happened to me, except one thing was missing:  I hadn’t given any explanation as to what the dogtag was all about.  So today in my 1st period weightlifting class I wanted to listen to my music so I plugged my iPod into the stereo and turned on some Trip Lee (AWESOME Christian rapper) and cranked it.  A bunch of kids came up to me to grab the iPod and see what was playing.  I thought they were going to change the song so I made sure I told them that my iPod had mainly Christian rap on it and they probably wouldn’t know any of the songs.  It didn’t lead to anything huge, as a matter of fact after that song they switched iPod’s and started listening to Skrillex, a secular, dubstep band.  In this devo it has a “Do Something” section.  The book gives you something to write about (question, topic, problem, etc..) and gives a section to write it in.  This section was asking for a situation where you “Seized the Moment” or where you neglected to “STM”

After my devotion I was thinking about a video I had watched a couple months ago.  It was called “Why I Hate Religion but Love Jesus”.  If you haven’t watched this video it is a MUST SEE.  This is a spoken word video about the differences between being in a religion and being in a relationship with God.  When I watched that I was looking around for more videos by the guy who did this video.  His name is Jeff Bethke.  I ended up watching a 45 minute video of him speaking about the video and alot of other topics.  I definitely recommend checking out Jeff Bethke and some of his speaking videos and other stuff he has made.  He has a video that has his videos on it.


Hondo’s Idea

Welcome to my Christian Blog!! 


I am Hondo and I am officially a BLOGGER!!!  I am using this blog mainly for my devotion work.  I am plan on writing at least one Christian devotion book.  My first one will be on teen Christians and issues they will face in high school and other life issues teens have to deal with and how God can help them and what His word says about it.  I will write on here as much as possible.  I will also have a blog designated for my daily devotion.  It will basically be my devotion journal where I write about what I read and what I thought about it.

I have lived in a Christian home my entire life.  When I entered middle school, I started to change.  I was what kids would call a nerd.  At that point, all I wanted to do was fit in.  I would hang out with the “cool kids”.  When I got in high school, I got in the habit of making up stories to “fit in”.   Throughout these 7 years, I had transformed into a Sunday morning Christian. 

The summer before my senior year I got a maintenance  job at a Christian summer camp I attended in middle school.  That job changed my life.  From that point on my life did a 180 degree turn.  I attended my church’s youth group every Sunday night, I read my Bible every night and I eventually came to the conclusion that God was calling me to become a Youth Pastor.

This is going to by my Christian experience blog.  This is where I will post different experiences with Christ.  I want to write some sort of devotional book and this will probably be the start of that.  The first book I want to write is somewhat of a “survival guide” for Christian teens to help them through high school and teenage life as a whole.  I would love to get feedback from anyone, if you would like to email me my email is and it is in my profile.  Thanks and God Bless!